NWP Property (“NWP” or the “Company”) has developed this ESG Policy to serve as a statement of our commitment to managing our business in a sustainable manner through integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations across our activities.

This ESG Policy is complemented by our suite of corporate codes and policies, including Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Diversity Policy, to form NWP’s full commitment and approach to sustainability.

This ESG Policy aims at providing direction and consensus across our Company on how to implement our sustainability commitments in accordance with our vision, mission, and values.

We integrate ESG considerations in our business activities with the view to manage scarce natural resources, to minimize our environmental footprint, our greenhouse gas emissions, and potential impact on biodiversity and land-use change, to look after the health, safety, and wellbeing of our people, be they employers, workers or contractors, and to adopt effective corporate governance while striving to maintain positive financial returns.

We aim to achieve high standards of corporate governance which are crucial to our development and safeguarding the interests of our shareholders. We recognize the importance of our environmental, social, transparency, and accountability responsibilities to our tenants and customers, communities and stakeholders, investment partners, and shareholders to manage risks, make effective decisions and create value.